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Senator Vernon Stephens is a dedicated public servant with a lifelong commitment to serving the people of Senate District 39. Born and raised in Bowman, Vernon understands the issues facing families and has delivered for South Carolina in the Senate. 

Vernon graduated from St. George High School and South Carolina State College. He served as President of the Bowman Branch NAACP, on the Orangeburg County School Board, and the Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 Board of Trustees.  Throughout his career, Vernon has fought to ensure every child in our community has access to quality education and teachers have the resources they need, no matter their zip code.  

As your State Senator, Vernon Stephens has delivered for us. From improving education and healthcare to creating jobs and strengthening our communities, Vernon is a strong voice for Senate District 39 in Columbia.

Senator Vernon Stephens has worked to build a brighter future for all of us. Let’s ensure our progress continues and re-elect Vernon Stephens.  

During his first term as representing District 39, Senator Stephens has delivered for our communities:


  • Secured funding for the New Perspective Media Local Television Partnership, enhancing local media accessibility and coverage within South Carolina.

  • Appropriated funding for Orangeburg County School District Academic Tutorial Services to strengthen educational opportunities and resources for students across the district.

  • Secured funding for the revitalization of Rosenwald School Dorchester County.

  • Delivered $1.2 million in funding to reopen U.S. Highway 301 bridge over Lake Marion.

  • Got funding for facility improvements at the House of Champions SC, a local boxing and fitness facility furthering community engagement in Dorchester County.

Committee Assignments:

  • Adequate Access to Internet in Rural Areas

Vernon Stephens is working to expand broadband internet access in rural areas of Senate District 39. He is working to improve broadband infrastructure and increase connectivity to empower rural communities with essential digital resources.


  • Ensuring Every Child Has Access to A Great Education in South Carolina 

Vernon Stephens continues to improve public schools in South Carolina to ensure every student receives a quality education. He is fighting for increased school funding, reduced classroom sizes, and expanded access to advanced coursework.


  • Paying Our Teachers What They’re Worth

Vernon Stephens is working to raise teacher pay to attract and retain talented educators crucial to student success. He believes in recognizing teachers’ hard work and dedication by providing fair and competitive compensation.


  • Supporting Our Farmers

Supporting our local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices is a top priority for Senator Stephens. He advocates for policies that protect local farms, protect farmers from being bought up by Chinese multinational corporations, and policies that strengthen the state's agricultural sector so food can be grown and sourced right here at home.


  • Protecting Our rights

Senator Stephens stood up against unprecedented attacks on women’s reproductive health care.  He will continue to stand up for our rights and ensure women have access to the care they need.


  • Keeping Communities Safe

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home and in their community.  Senator Stephens has worked to keep families safe by fighting laws that allow criminals to access firearms, and voted for funding for local first responders and police so they have the resources they need to keep us safe.


  • Expanding Healthcare Options

Senator Stephens supports the Medicaid Expansion, which would use federal tax dollars we are already paying to expand health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians.  Without Medicaid expansion, we have seen rural hospitals close and access to quality care decline.  He will continue to fight to expand rural health care options, to ensure all insurance protects those with pre-existing conditions, and that those who need good care can access it.  Senator Stephens also supports protecting access to IVF and birth control for all South Carolina women.  

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